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Jay-Vis McIntosh, Instructor

Meet Jay-Vis McIntosh, a professional musician with over 15 years of experience and a music producer for more than a decade. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and a Master of Science in Forensics, Jay-Vis is a unique combination of art and science. He is the founder of Pioneer Music, a production company which has made strides in audio engineering, vocal/musical arrangement and industry consultancy. Known for his eclectic style and exceptional technical skills, Jay-Vis has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the music industry and takes pride in working behind the scenes. 

About the course...

Riddim Builder: Reggae

Course author, Jay-Vis McIntosh helps you to analyze iconic Jamaican Reggae songs, then takes you through the process for recording live instruments, using a DAW and a combination of the two for Reggae Riddim production. Along the way, he shares secrets, techniques and several downloadable resources to help you on the journey.

Man seated in a project studio facing a microphone and playing a keyboard controller
Recording Reggae

Learn about the standards and conventions for getting that iconic Reggae sound in studio.

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Access a set of downloadable resources to set you on a path to completing your assignments and creating your own riddims.

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Riddim Builder Community

Be included in the Reggae Online community and the private Riddim Builder Space where you can interact with others taking the course and the course instructor.

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