Talkin Bob

Get an idea of what to expect in this journey through the life and times of Bob Marley.

Fabian Thomas, Instructor

Fabian M. Thomas is a Transformational Trainer/Facilitator, Life/Corporate Coach, Adjunct Lecturer, Communications Specialist and Motivational Speaker who has also made his mark across the arts as an Artistic Director, Performing Arts/Theatre Specialist, published writer and poet, actor, and spoken word performer.

He holds a B.A. in Mass Communication and Literature (UWI, Mona) and a M.A. in Public Communication (Fordham University, USA).

Thomas is the founder and Artistic Director of the performing arts collective Tribe Sankofa. In 2018, he self-published his collection of gratitude verses, affirmations and spoken word entitled New Thought, New Words.

He hosts a YouTube talk/interview show called Fabian Seh!

This course is for you if...

* You are a fan of Bob Marley and his music 

* You have an interest in Reggae music 

* You have an interest in Jamaican culture as a non-Jamaican 

* You are Jamaican or of Jamaican descent and want to explore more about your culture 

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