Thank you for choosing to join me on this guided journey to deeper gratitude.A full 30 days of consistently expressing gratitude. I will be your accountability partner for the next 30 days.

What to expect 

  • You will receive a notification each day with instructions for that day. 
  • Each day will include various prompts for expressing gratitude. 
  • This work is yours -you do it mostly on your own.
  • Every fourth day you will be guided to share within our online community- The Gratitude Reasoning.
  • The Gratitude is a private space- only those enrolled in the course have access to it.
  • This is where we will help each other through discussion and sharing our experiences. 
  • You will access the space from within the course.

I’m really excited to begin the journey with you. I hope you are, too. 30 days is no small commitment - this is just the beginning. There may be times when it might seem tedious or even unrealistic, but push through and keep going until the end. This sustained practice can be transformative.

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